Sales Negotiation Planner [Download]

Download the Sales Negotiation Planner

Play to win at the sales negotiation table with Jeb Blount’s INKED Sales Negotiation Planner. This is the perfect companion to Jeb’s new book: INKED: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Sales Negotiation Tactics that Unlock YES and Seal the Deal

Never Walk into a Sales Negotiation Without a Plan

Most sales negotiations happen at the speed of light. You are negotiating in the moment, in real time, with little breathing room—face to face, via phone, over video, or by text. You present your proposal; the stakeholders bite, and it’s game on.

The stakes, pressure, and pace accelerate further when the clock is ticking and delivery deadlines, budget windows, quota, forecast, qualification for President’s Club, and a big commission check are on the line.

Walking into a sales negotiation without planning can quickly put you behind the eight ball if you are facing seasoned buyers trained on how to shake your emotional resolve to get and keep the upper hand.

The Sales Negotiation Planner helps you gain the upper hand at the sales negotiation table. For instructions on use, go to chapter 23 in the book.


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