You Can’t Wait for Prospects to Call You Because They Won’t [Video]

You can’t sit around waiting for prospects to call you because they won’t and they don’t have to. Your competitors and superstar salespeople are already calling them. If you want to make your number you’ve got to get out there and hunt for new business.

Some salespeople are just “order takers” who sit around waiting to get lucky. They whine and complain about not having enough leads, competitor’s dropping their prices, prospects that aren’t buying, not having the right products, and are always looking for an easy way out. They have somehow deluded themselves into believing that they are owed something.

Fanatical Prospectors attack the market place like true hunters. They are relentless and unstoppable – obsessive about keeping their pipeline full of qualified prospects. They prospect anywhere and anytime—constantly turning over rocks looking for their next opportunity. They prospect day and night—unstoppable and always on.

  1. 4 years ago

    LOVE the book . . . still working my way through it.

    Starting to build my script of responses to the RBOs. However, I’ve not seen any good examples to the “I don’t have budget” response. Can you provide some examples, please?


  2. Jeb Blount 3 years ago – Here is one example of how to respond to the I don’t have the budget brush-off.

    Ledge: That makes sense, because a lot of my clients said exactly the same thing before we met.

    Disrupt: Look, I don’t know if our product is even fit for your company. All I want to do is grab a few minutes of your time so I can learn more about your unique situation. Then we can look at the facts together and see if it makes sense to keep talking.

    Ask: How about I come by on Thursday at 2pm?

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